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NDA Medical Test: A Comprehensive Guide by Chanakya Defence Group

The NDA (National Defence Academy) selection process is a rigorous journey that aspiring candidates must undergo to join the esteemed Indian Armed Forces. A pivotal stage in this selection process is the NDA Medical Test. Candidates who receive recommendations from the Services Selection Board (SSB) go through a comprehensive medical examination to determine their physical and mental fitness, ensuring that they meet the stringent requirements of the armed forces.

In this article, Chanakya Defence Group provides you with all the details you need to know about the NDA Medical Test, including height and weight standards for both male and female candidates, the examination procedure, and other essential criteria.

Why are NDA Medical Tests Conducted?

The physical and mental fitness of defense aspirants is a fundamental requirement. Physical fitness is intricately linked to an individual’s morale and personality development, making it a crucial factor for success in the armed forces. Many competent NDA aspirants face rejection during the medical examination, highlighting the importance of medical fitness. Candidates who are medically unfit not only consume valuable resources but also jeopardize the safety of their team members during operations. Therefore, it is imperative
for individuals seeking to join the armed forces to maintain optimal physical and mental health.

Here are the key reasons for conducting NDA medical examinations:

  • Defending Territorial Integrity: The primary responsibility of the armed forces is to defend the nation’s territorial integrity, requiring them to be physically and mentally prepared for war.
  • Assistance in Natural Disasters: Armed forces personnel often provide assistance during natural disasters, necessitating good mental and physical health.
  • Challenging Conditions: Armed forces officers must be able to handle extreme stress and strain in challenging terrain and adverse weather conditions while performing their military duties.

NDA Medical Test Procedure

Candidates recommended by the SSB appear for the NDA medical examination, which is conducted under the supervision of a Board of Service Medical Officers. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to join the National Defence Academy. However, candidates who are declared medically unfit at the initial stage are informed about the provisions for a Review Medical Board examination. Candidates are advised to address minor health issues or faults before the SSB interview or NDA medical examination to expedite the process. Some common minor medical issues include earwax, deviated nasal septum, hydrocele/phimosis, weight-related concerns, under-sized chest, piles, gynecomastia, tonsillitis, and varicocele.

Height and Weight for NDA Male and Female Candidates

To be eligible for the National Defence Academy, candidates must meet the minimum height and weight standards. Here are the critical details related to the height and weight requirements for NDA male and female candidates:

Male Candidates Height and Weight Measurement:

  • Army and Navy: Minimum height is 157 cm.
  • Air Force: Minimum height is 162.5 cm.
  • Gorkhas, Garhwal, Kumaon, and candidates from the North-Eastern regions have a height requirement 5 cm less than the standard.
  • Candidates from the Lakshadweep region have a height requirement 2 cm less than the standard.
  • There is a provision for relaxation of up to 2.5 cm in height if the Medical Board certifies that a candidate’s height is likely to grow.
  • Candidates should not exhibit any maldevelopment or impairment in the functioning of their bones or joints.
  • The weight of male candidates should be proportionate to their height.

Female Candidates Height and Weight Measurement:

  • The minimum height requirement for female candidates is 152 cm.
  • Gorkhas, candidates from the Hills of the North Eastern region of India, Garhwal, and Kumaon need a minimum height of 148 cm.
  • Candidates below 18 years at the time of examination are allowed a 2 cm allowance for growth.
  • The weight of female candidates should be proportionate to their height.
  • Chest Measurement, Dental Points, and Eye Vision

For male candidates, a well-developed chest is essential, with a minimum expansion of 5 cm after full inspiration. The full chest measurement should not be less than 81 cm. Candidates should have normal hearing, with the ability to hear a forced whisper in a quiet room from a distance of 610 cm in each ear. A sufficient number of healthy, natural teeth, without severe signs of pyorrhea, is required, with a minimum of 14 dental points. Perfect vision in both eyes (6/6) without color or night blindness is necessary. Candidates with corrective lenses can also participate if their eyesight meets the basic requirements.

Other Requirements for the NDA Physical Test

Candidates undergoing the NDA medical examination must meet the required fitness standards of the armed forces. The primary criteria for the NDA physical test include:

  • Covering a distance of 2.4 km in 15 minutes.
  • Skipping to build stamina.
  • A minimum of 20 pushups and 20 sit-ups.
  • A minimum of 08 chin-ups.
  • Rope climbing to a height of 3-4 meters.


The NDA Medical Test is a crucial step in the journey to joining the Indian Armed Forces. It ensures that candidates are physically and mentally fit for their roles, which can include both wartime duties and disaster relief operations. Meeting the height and weight standards, chest measurements, dental points, and eye vision requirements is vital for success in the NDA medical examination. Chanakya Defence Group’s 1-month SSB Program is designed to help candidates prepare for the NDA medical test and other aspects of the selection process. With the right guidance and determination, you can ensure your success in the NDA 2023 examination and take the first step towards your dream of serving the nation. Best of luck on your NDA journey!