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Welcome To Chanakya Defence Group

Welcome To Chanakya Defence Group

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Why Choose Chanakya Defence Group?

Comprehensive Study Material:

Our study material has been meticulously curated by experts, tailored to reflect the latest trends and patterns of the exam.

Quality Teaching:

The team at Chanakya Defence Group comprises experienced and qualified professionals who excel in extracting the best from every candidate.

Personality Development:

Each Sunday features a dedicated session focusing on enhancing interpersonal skills, complemented by activities such as group discussions, extempore speaking, debates, and more.

Personal Mentorship:

Cmdr. Manjit Singh and Col. D. S. Cheema personally mentor all candidates, striving to motivate them to perform at their optimal level.

Weekly Mock Tests:

Following each topic, there's a doubt-clearing session and subsequent tests to evaluate the candidate's learning progress. With access to over 12,000 practice questions, candidates receive ample opportunities for practice and assessment.

Library Facility:

Our library provides an ideal environment for self-study and assessment. Students have access to a wide array of books related to defense exams, enabling comprehensive study.

Defence Personnel for SSB:

Our team includes seasoned individuals like Cmdr. Manjit Singh, Col. D.S Cheema, and Capt. (IN) Suresh Khatri, an SSB GTO expert who has served on the Service Selection Board. They passionately encourage candidates to strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

High Selection Rate:

Chanakya Defence Academy boasts one of the highest selection rates, with over 60% of our candidates successfully cracking the written exams.

Hostel Facility:

For students traveling from distant locations, our hostel facility offers accommodation at nominal charges, allowing them to maintain focus on their studies without any distractions.


We strongly believe that every student has the ability to succeed. Our training is focused on defence aspirants from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Jammu & Kashmir who are getting ready for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, MNS or other defense exams . We understand each person’s strengths and give them personalized help to reach their full potential. Drawing from years of experience in grooming candidates for the Defence Forces, we’ve learned that personalized training yields the best results. Understanding each student’s background, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations, we calibrate their preparation level for their chosen examinations. Our trainers empower students through personalized guidance, fostering the skills and confidence necessary for triumph.

Our Competency-Based training involves continuous assessment, not confined to scheduled tests but encompassing the entirety of their training. This enables us to pinpoint areas of excellence and areas requiring additional support. Comprising seasoned assessors from various Selection Boards, our team brings a wealth of experience in evaluating candidates. Additionally, SSB Recommended candidates share their insights and strategies, enriching new students’ understanding and enhancing their performance.

We establish clear goals and instill a strong work ethic in our students, acknowledging that mistakes are inherent in the learning journey. Collaboratively, students and staff transform mistakes into opportunities for growth. Creating an inclusive and realistic training environment underscores our approach, emphasizing mutual respect and consideration. Our training methodology encompasses thorough preparation for all tests, ensuring comprehensive readiness.

Leading NDA & CDS Coaching Institute

Why Join Chanakya Defence Group?

best nda coaching in chandigarh

Are you in search of an NDA/CDS/SSB/AFCAT/MNS and Sainik School exam Coaching Academy? Join us for expert guidance by Retd. Army Officer and thorough preparation. Enroll today to secure a brighter future! Chanakya Defence Group is well-known for its great coaching in these areas. We have a complete training program led by experts who give advice and support. Here’s why students from Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu & Kashmir should consider joining Chanakya Defence Group:

  1. Conceptual-based learning: We ensure comprehensive coverage of the entire curriculum, allowing ample time for crucial concepts to be thoroughly reviewed. Our candidates have access to model test papers, mock tests, and test series, enabling them to familiarize themselves with the actual exam format while honing their accuracy and time management skills.
  2. Expert guidance from the SSB Panel: Our coaching program is facilitated by a panel comprising former Indian Armed Forces officers who possess extensive experience and expertise. Through their guidance, potential candidates receive comprehensive preparation for the SSB Interview, maximizing their chances of achieving optimal outcomes. Our institute boasts a well-equipped library and state-of-the-art infrastructure, providing all necessary amenities that contribute to a positive and enjoyable learning environment.

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What Our Students Say

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Chanakya Defence Group Specializes in providing coaching for various Competitive exams such as NDA Foundation, NDA, CDS,  SSB, AFCAT, MNS, Sainik School, RIMC and RMS in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh & Jammu & Kashmir.  Our extensive range of programs is designed to ensure comprehensive preparation for these exams. Free demo classes to help you make an informed decision .
If you have any queries or require further information, please feel free to contact us.

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