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CDS 2024 Study Plan and Best Online/Offline Courses by Chanakya Defence Group

The CDS (Combined Defence Services) examination is a gateway to a thrilling career in the Indian Armed Forces, and if you aspire to crack the CDS 2024 exam, you’ve come to the right place. Chanakya Defence Group has meticulously designed a systematic study plan to help you prepare for CDS 2024. In this article, we will discuss the CDS exam, its syllabus, and the best online/offline courses available for comprehensive preparation.

Understanding the CDS Exam

The CDS exam, conducted by UPSC, selects eligible graduate candidates for admission to prestigious institutions like the Indian Military Academy, Officers Training Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Indian Air Force Academy. To create an effective CDS 2024 study plan, you must first familiarize yourself with the syllabus. The CDS 1 2024 syllabus comprises three papers: English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. Candidates aspiring to join the Indian Military Academy, Indian Naval Academy, and Air Force Academy must attempt all three papers. Those wishing to join the Officers’ Training Academy (OTA Chennai) need to attempt only two papers: English and General Knowledge. Let’s delve into the best study plan for CDS 2024.

Step 1: Understand the Syllabus

Begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the syllabus for all three papers: English, General Knowledge, and Elementary Mathematics. Create a list of topics within each subject to obtain a clear overview of the areas you need to cover.

Step 2: Assess Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Thoroughly assess the CDS syllabus to identify your strengths and weaknesses. You may excel in certain topics but struggle with others. To address this, take self-assessment tests in each subject to pinpoint your areas of strength and areas that require more attention.

Step 3: Create a Study Schedule

Devise a study schedule based on the time available before the exam. Allocate more time to subjects where you feel less confident to ensure holistic preparation.

English Preparation

English is a high-scoring subject in the CDS exam. For CDS 2024 English preparation, focus on daily practice in reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary. Solve previous years’ papers to build your vocabulary and familiarize yourself with frequently asked words. Consider using the CDS English book by Chanakya Defence Group Publication, which is an excellent study resource for CDS 2024 preparation.

General Knowledge Preparation

The General Knowledge paper can be challenging for many CDS aspirants. Those with a science background may find social science questions difficult, while those from the humanities stream may struggle with general science questions. The current affairs section benefits all candidates. Analyze the CDS GK paper by attempting previous years’ papers to identify your strong and weak areas. Stay updated with current affairs by reading newspapers and magazines, and refer to standard General Knowledge books by Chanakya De-
fence Group for thorough preparation.

For daily Current Affairs updates, subscribe to the Chanakya Defence Group’s official YouTube channel. You can also access the Chanakya Defence Group Digital App for online study materials, daily quizzes, mock tests, online classes, and the latest defense exam updates.

Elementary Mathematics Preparation

For CDS 2024 Elementary Mathematics, start with basic concepts and progressively move to more complex topics. Gain better clarity by solving various mathematical questions from previous CDS exams. Practice with previous year’s question papers and mock tests. Consider using reference books for elementary mathematics for a deeper understanding.

CDS Exam Tips

  • Candidates aiming for IMA, INA, and AFA need to attempt all three papers, while those targeting OTA do not need to attempt the Elementary Mathematics paper. To create a systematic study plan based on the subjects and topics covered, ensure you have a well-structured approach to crack the exam on your first attempt.
  • Consistent revision of all subjects is essential for retaining knowledge. Attempt full-length mock tests and sectional mock tests for each paper to gauge your performance and identify areas for improvement. Focus on time management during the exam to complete all sections within the allocated time. Lastly, maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

CDS-1 2024 Best Online/Offline Course by Chanakya Defence Group

Chanakya Defence Group offers the best course for CDS-1 2024 preparation. In this online/offline batch for CDS 1 2024, candidates will benefit from daily classes, free study materials, bimonthly mock tests, subject-wise tests, daily current affairs updates, backup classes, and comprehensive course coverage. Join this holistic course for CDS 1 2024 preparation offered by Chanakya Defence Group, which provides the best coaching for CDS preparation in both online and offline modes at its Lucknow and Dehradun centers.

Chanakya Defence Group’s CDS-1 2024 course adheres to the latest syllabus and exam pattern. It features exclusive mock tests and practice questions to enhance your CDS 2024 preparation. If you want complete study materials for CDS-1 2024, including e-books, quizzes, and mock tests, you can download the Chanakya Defence Group Digital App from the Google Play Store.

Contact Information for CDS Course

For details on CDS online or offline courses, you can call 7888714322 or 7508149548.


The CDS 2024 study plan, combined with the best online and offline courses offered by Chanakya Defence Group, is your key to success in the CDS exam. With dedication, structured preparation, and expert guidance, you can achieve your goal of serving the nation through a career in the Indian Armed Forces. Join the ranks of India’s finest officers and make your mark in the defense sector. Best of luck with your CDS 2024 journey!