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Ace Your SSB Word Association Test (WAT) with 60 Sample Responses from Recommended Candidates

The SSB (Services Selection Board) interview is a pivotal stage in armed forces recruitment, with psychological tests holding a particularly important role in candidate selection. Among these psychological assessments, the Word Association Test (WAT) stands out. It challenges candidates to create 60 sentences based on words presented to them, all within a limited timeframe. This blog, brought to you by Chanakya Defence Group, offers a valuable resource: 60 sample WAT responses from SSB-recommended candidates.

Understanding the WAT Test:

The Word Association Test (WAT) is a key component of the SSB interview’s psychological tests. In this test, candidates encounter 60 words displayed sequentially on a screen, each word shown for just 15 seconds. Within this short span, candidates must construct a sentence and record it in the provided booklet. This process continues until the last word, allowing a total of 900 seconds or 15 minutes to create 60 sentences. Each word is allotted 15 seconds. The sample WAT responses that follow provide insights into how success-
ful candidates approach this challenge.

Sample WAT Responses by Gaurav Rathore:

Gaurav Rathore is an SSB-recommended candidate from Chanakya Defence Group, having successfully navigated the SSB interview under the CDS 1 2023 exam to join the Indian Military Academy (IMA) in Dehradun. His WAT responses are a valuable reference for understanding the requirements of the Word Association Test in SSB and for crafting effective sentences. Here are some of Gaurav’s WAT responses:

  • Improve: Puzzle games improve cognitive skills.
  • Operation: The Army conducts operations with meticulous planning.
  • Personality: Graduates enhance their personality with experience.
  • Important: A study table is the most important place for a student.
  • Help: Forests help increase oxygen levels.
  • Blood: Hard work, with blood and sweat, yields results.
  • Positivity: Rejecting negative thoughts maintains positivity.
  • Quick: An efficient commander makes quick decisions.
  • Dies: A soldier only dies once while serving the nation.
  • Necessity: Inquisitiveness is a necessity for the present generation.
  • Exploitation: Resource exploitation is an unwise idea.
  • Strong: Brave soldiers take strong and decisive actions.
  • Example: A hero leads by setting a remarkable example.
  • Sex: Co-education is preferable to single-sex education.
  • Novel: Charity is a novel and admirable aim.
  • Responsibility: Indian skippers shoulder team responsibilities.
  • Zeal: A jolly nature brings zeal to a group.
  • Light: Gautam Buddha illuminated the world with his teachings.
  • Suicide: Suicide should never be considered an option.
  • Security: Confidential information is stored with utmost security.
  • Intellect: A good leader exhibits quick intellect.
  • Contemporary: Naga Sen was a contemporary of Kanishka.
  • Heinous: Rape is a heinous crime in India and worldwide.
  • Example: Original personalities set exceptional examples.
  • Brave: The enemy submitted to the brave soldier.
  • Failure: Introspection is the antidote to failure.
  • Dislike: Hard workers dislike distractions.
  • Innovate: DRDO innovates new solutions for our armed forces.
  • Leader: An efficient leader leads the group from the front.
  • Stable: India maintains a stable foreign policy.
  • Thought: One’s surroundings significantly influence their thought.
  • Harm: Positivity never harms development.
  • Conquered: He stood up and conquered his goal.
  • Pressure: Effective leaders absorb pressure and make sound decisions.
  • Horrible: Horrible circumstances reveal one’s true self.
  • Success: Optimism propels one toward the heights of success.
  • Principles: Liberty and sovereignty are fundamental principles of a nation.
  • Decision: A composed mind leads to sound decisions.
  • Humility: Expressing gratitude reflects humility.
  • Moral: Friends serve as moral supporters.

Sample WAT Sentences by Rashmi Mehta:

Rashmi Mehta, another Chanakya Defence Group student, secured consecutive SSB recommendations for the National Defence Academy (NDA). Her WAT sentences, composed during SSB preparation at Chanakya Defence Group for the NDA 151st course, serve as a valuable reference for your SSB preparation:

  • Rescue: The Army plays a crucial role in rescue operations.
  • Ethical: Ethical programming should be part of our curriculum.
  • Excellent: Your performance was truly excellent.
  • Calm: Maintaining calmness in unfamiliar situations is vital.
  • Temper: Keeping one’s temper in check is essential.
  • Courage: Fearful situations should be faced with courage.
  • Important: Graduation is especially important in today’s world.
  • Furious: The lion appeared incredibly furious.
  • Assets: Study tables and chairs are invaluable assets for students.
  • Failure: Failure can serve as a stepping stone to success.
  • Tribes: India is home to many diverse tribes, like the Nagas.
  • Amazing: Love evokes an amazing feeling.
  • Control: Force is deployed to control unruly crowds.
  • Fabulous: Your work was nothing short of fabulous.
  • Important: It’s not the beginning but the end that truly matters.
  • Respect: Respecting our elders is a moral imperative.
  • Experience: School trips provide fantastic experiences for children.
  • Amazing: Friends are truly the most amazing people.
  • Sex: Sex education should be a priority in schools.
  • Fortune: Hard work and dedication lead to good fortune.
  • Reflect: Your personality reflects your behavior.
  • Feel: Open communication allows us to express how we feel.
  • Patiently: Effective leaders listen patiently to their team members.
  • Dogs: Dogs make loyal and loving companions.
  • Gossip: Gossip should focus on an individual’s positive traits.
  • Crime: Crimes should be dealt with rigorously.
  • Give up: Never give up on your dreams.
  • Drug: Controlling drug addiction is a pressing issue.
  • Amazing: Motherhood is an amazing phase of life.
  • Appearance: True beauty emanates from one’s inner soul, not external appearance.
  • Hate: Hatred should never be harbored.
  • Emerge: Exceptional leaders emerge from challenging circumstances.
  • Great: A great environment fosters a peaceful state of mind.
  • Success: Achieving success necessitates effective teamwork.
  • Beauty: Nature’s beauty is everlasting.
  • Hurt: Trust should never be hurt.
  • Reduce: The government strives to reduce hunger crises.
  • Horrible: Seize the opportunity within horrible situations.
  • Calamity: Aircraft are deployed to provide relief during calamities.
  • Humiliate: Never engage in the humiliation of others.
  • Handsome: A handsome uniform awaits those who join the armed forces.
  • Happy: Make every effort to bring happiness to your parents.
  • Harmonious: Harmonious thoughts lead to harmonious actions.
  • Multi-tasker: Girls excel as multitaskers.
  • Gratitude: Gratitude paves the path to great accomplishments.

It is essential to note that these sample WAT sentences serve as references, and candidates should not copy them verbatim. Instead, aim to create your sentences, using the provided words in a manner that reflects your own insights and perceptions. Assessors and candidates may have varying views on specific words and sentences, so originality is crucial. Crafting your responses helps you develop a deeper understanding of the process and boosts your confidence.

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